Run XMRIg on free online virtual machine


What is XMRIg a Virus?

XMRig is a legitimate program used for cryptocurrency mining, but it can also be used by cybercriminals for malicious purposes. It’s difficult to determine without conducting a thorough analysis. If you’re unfamiliar with cryptocurrency mining and suddenly find XMRig running on your computer, it’s likely a virus, as it cannot appear out of nowhere and Windows does not include it in its standard distribution.

Another telltale sign of a malicious variant of XMRig is high CPU usage. Although the legitimate version of XMRig will consume some of your CPU power, it should not take up a large portion by default. On the other hand, a virus may consume up to 90% of your CPU, making it difficult to use your system.

What is Cryptomining ?

Cryptomining is the process of generating new cryptocurrency by solving complex mathematical problems. These problems are used to validate transactions and add them to the blockchain. The difficulty of these problems varies between different cryptocurrencies, and the reward for solving them (mining reward) depends on the speed at which they are solved. This is why professional miners typically use specialized mining hardware, often housed in large mining farms.

However, cybercriminals have found a way to bypass the costs of purchasing mining hardware. They infect computers with mining software and create a network of infected machines to mine cryptocurrency and collect the profits. Monero is a popular choice for these attackers due to its simplicity of mining and relatively high value. XMRig is just one of the tools they can use, as they can also use other mining software or create their own.

Running XMRig on Free online VM

It is not recommended to run a cryptocurrency miner like Xmrig on a free online virtual machine, as it can potentially harm the performance of the virtual machine and also be against the terms of service of the virtual machine provider. Cryptocurrency mining can be resource-intensive and may cause the virtual machine to run slowly or become unresponsive, which could result in your account being suspended or terminated.

Additionally, many virtual machine providers prohibit the use of their servers for cryptocurrency mining, as it can consume large amounts of CPU, memory, and network resources, potentially impacting other users on the same infrastructure.

If you want to mine a cryptocurrency, it’s better to do it on a dedicated physical machine or a machine that you own and have control over, rather than on a shared virtual machine.






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