Try to Uninstall/Reinstall the jetpack plugin and then connect the site to jetpack.
Hope this will solve your you jetpack connection error.

If the above is not working then it might be possible there is something at your host blocking Jetpack to connect. While your site is publicly accessible, and XML-RPC file is also working: (replace with your actual domain?. but for some reason, it appears. jetpack is not able to make XML-RPC requests on your site. This file is used by jetpack and other plugins and apps to connect to your site.

Please Contact your hosting provider and check if they hare blocking access to this file for jetpack? Also, please find the IP Ranges for the connection between your site and jetpack/ there, and white list them for HTTP connection on your site
Once we are able to access your site’s xmlrpc.hph ffile, you should be able to connect jetpack to

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