There can many reasons you want to make money online. Maybe because of COVID-19 Pandemic, you have lost your job. Or you want to improve your living by earning some extra dollars.

Earning online is not something new but in the past only professionals were able to make money online and to learn a professional skill you need to invest extra time and money. This article is for those people who want to earn some extra money with no skills. And for those who wants to save their time and money need to learn new skill at the same time.

I will teach you how you can earn without any professional skill, training or no skills. Nowadays, companies are hiring temporary workers and outsource workers online. I will present you a list of such jobs that require no skill and training to perform.

7 Ways to earn money online with No Skills

Work as a Translator

You can make your career as a Translator. And can sell your skill on freelancing websites for example up-work,Toptal, Jooble, Freelancer, Fiverr, Flexjobs, SimplyHired, Guru etc.

To get started, you just need your native language. The fact is that some languages are in more demand than others. But many people are selling this service from $5/hr to $50/hr and making are decent earning. You can also work as a Teacher for non-native speakers or a call center operator.

Data Entry Operator

The jobs for Data entry, people who are beginners in freelancing and want to start a career online.
Data entry operators are expected to type given data in spreadsheet, in PDF files or typing data that are in and image files into word preprocessing software such as Microsoft Word etc.

On freelancing websites, data entry operators are selling this service from $5 /hr to $10/hr . The earnings are less, but scope of work for data operators are endless.

Customer Service Assistant

A Customer Service Assistant is the contact between a business and its customers. They assist customers to do business with the organization, such as placing an order, getting advice, making a complaint or getting information.

Customer service assistants are the voice and face of an organization. As E-Commerce grows, buyers are eager to learn more about the businesses they are dealing with before making a purchase.

On freelancing websites, customer service assistants are selling their services from $5 to $604, and it’s one of the highest paying work that you can do online.

Work as Virtual Assistant

If you are an expert in the native language of your Clint and a great communicator, then getting hired as a virtual assistant is easy.

Virtual Assistant is a great work from home option for many people.
Get hired as a virtual assistant for a wide range of jobs. Duty’s of Virtual Assistant include data entry, scheduling a client’s calendar, flight or hotel tickets. Some other tasks that are Clint’s need
You will work with your Clint to finishing given tasks. You need to be good at understanding what your Clint need.
It’s a more stable earning source if your Clint is satisfied.

You can sell your Virtual Assistant Services on fiverr . Simply signing-up with this link and earn $100 free.

Online Surveys

Businesses and Origination use surveys to understand their customer. Surveys are done to improve their product and services. You will have to answer some questions or fulfill some task online to earn money or reward in exchange for the time you spend.

Be warned, taking online surveys will not make you rich. Treats this as a side hustle. You can earn from $1 to $2 for these surveys. Before jumping in it, keep a few things in mind.

  1. Don’t depend on survey site’s income
  2. Be realistic about the time you invest
  3. Never pay for any Survey site
  4. Don’t invest much time in these sites
  5. Don’t expect to get paid quickly

Here are few websites that offer survey.

Valued opinions, Google Opinion Rewards, Toluna Influencer, Swagbucks, Survey Junkie, Opinion Outpost, One Opinion, MyPoints, LifePoints, InBoxDollars ext.

Some of these sites will pay you for taking an online survey. You can earn rewards and free stuff by searching and shopping online.

Copy Trading

Trading can be a profitable profession, but if you know the tools of the business. It takes a lot of training, research to develop this skill.

To keep up to date, you need to read news to understand the ups and downs of the market.

But there is a way to avoid all of these intense task and also insuring the safety of your investment – Copy Trading.

Copy Trading:

The idea is simple. Instead of making your own decisions for investment, you simply copy other traders who are expert in their field.
Firstly, find an expert trader that you can copy.

So, for example, if an expert you chose to invest 1% in Apple stock, you also have 1% of your inventive in the same stock.

By following your expert footsteps, you can be a successful trader in no time. Nowadays, these expert sell their services online, you are a find someone on fiverr from $5 to $300.

Test a Website and earn Money

Web designers some time need people to test the functionality of their designed websites. If you have some spear time and want to exchange your time for money, you can make decent earning by testing websites. You will have to follow simple instructions to navigate the website.
But you need to keep in mind a few things before you begin:
Web designers design website for general people, and their target audience is people like you and me. They want to ensure if their designed website is working properly. And if it’s easy for general people to navigate.

You can offer this services online on fiverr starting from $5 to $100 per testing. Here is another idea to earn $100 for free. Join Fiverr today and earn $100 free by visiting this link,

It’s valuable for companies to pay for website testing because they can study behaviors of their target audience. So they can improve their site design to maximize their sales.

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