Is China’s Latest Advancement in Quantum Technology a Significant Shift?

About Chinese Quantum Computer

China is one of the leading countries in the development and deployment of quantum computers. The country has made significant investments in quantum research and development, and has built several world-class quantum computing facilities.

Some of the notable players in the Chinese quantum computing industry include Alibaba, Baidu, and the Chinese Academy of Sciences. These organizations have been working on various aspects of quantum computing, including hardware development, software development, and applications.

One of the most notable achievements in the Chinese quantum computing industry is the development of the world’s first quantum computer that can perform practical tasks, such as simulating chemical reactions. This breakthrough was made by a team of scientists at the University of Science and Technology of China and was announced in 2017.

In addition, the Chinese government has also made quantum communication and quantum cryptography a national priority. China is building the world’s largest quantum communication network, called the Quantum Experiments at Space Scale (QUESS), which will allow secure communication over long distances.

Overall, China’s progress in quantum computing and related fields is an indicator of the country’s commitment to becoming a leader in science and technology.

Chinese Quantum Computer Announcement

China has recently announced the capability to deliver its own fully-functional quantum computer, making it the third country after the US and Canada to do so. Origin Quantum Computing Technology, based in China’s Anhui province, has delivered a 24-qubit quantum computer, known as Wuyuan, to an undisclosed user, along with its ecological chain that includes software, operating system, and a cloud platform. Despite the announcement being considered “formidable” by quantum computing experts, a GlobalData analyst believes it won’t have a significant impact on the global market.

The US is estimated to be around five years ahead of China in terms of quantum computing, but it’s only a matter of time before both countries reach technical parity. However, there is very little commercial quantum computing activity taking place, and the Wukong quantum computer, which is expected to feature at least a 64-qubit processor, is unlikely to have any significant impact on the global market as it won’t be available for sale in the US.

Many tech companies, including Google and Amazon, are investing heavily in quantum computing development, but the global quantum computing market has seen a lot of disappointment in the lack of progress and there is talk of a “quantum winter” setting in. It is too early to determine the success of Wukong and its impact on China’s position in the race for quantum computing dominance.






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