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The Ultimate Guide to Affordable TVs in 2024

In the market for a new TV but sticking to a tight budget? Here’s your essential rundown on what features to prioritize in a cost-effective television, along with our top recommendations of models that deliver exceptional performance for under $1,000.

Top 5 Picks

Looking for a new TV but want to stick to a budget? Whether you’re still holding off on 4K, need a second TV for the bedroom, or just exploring your options, we’ve got you covered. Our list features affordable TVs that are big, sharp, vibrant, and won’t break the bank.

We consider TVs under $1,000 for a 65-inch screen as budget-friendly. You can find great options under a grand for 55-inch screens too. Even if you’re okay with some compromises in picture quality, there are 65-inch TVs in this range. We’ll highlight any 65-inch models under $1,000 here (and there’s even a 75-inch one for less than $999).

Check out our top picks for cheap TVs and tips for scoring the best deal.

Taking a Closer Look: Our Best Tested Selections

Hisense U6K

Reasons for Selection

Finding a TV with outstanding picture quality at an affordable rate has typically revolved around the $1,000 mark for 65-inch models in recent years. TVs priced below that often come with significant compromises. While the Hisense U6K may not deliver top-tier picture quality, the compromises it entails are among the most reasonable we’ve encountered. This TV boasts impressive color reproduction, covering nearly the entire DCI-P3 digital cinema color space with remarkable accuracy straight out of the box. Moreover, it offers an array of features thanks to its Google TV interface. With built-in far-field microphones enabling hands-free Google Assistant, plus support for Apple AirPlay 2 and Google Cast, it provides ample functionality. Admittedly, it falls short in brightness compared to some competitors, meaning you might need to invest more for a screen that delivers greater luminance and improved contrast.

Ideal Audience

If you desire abundant features and relatively solid picture quality but find the $1,000 price tag for a 65-inch TV a tad steep for your budget, the Hisense U6K stands out as an excellent option. Its AirPlay and Cast support further enhance its appeal, particularly for households with both Android and iPhone users. Just bear in mind that for a slightly higher investment, you can acquire a significantly brighter display with superior contrast.

Amazon Fire TV Omni QLED

Reasons for Selection

Despite the letdown of Amazon’s initial Fire TV Omni, the Fire TV Omni QLED presents a considerable improvement in picture quality at a similarly affordable price point. While it doesn’t excel in brightness, its color performance is commendable, and it comes packed with Fire TV features, including hands-free Alexa. Additionally, it offers support for Apple AirPlay.

Ideal Audience

Designed with budget-conscious Amazon users in mind, particularly those who already own Echo smart speakers in their home, this TV comes at an affordable price. Functioning akin to a Fire TV Cube, which is pricier on its own, it provides a cost-effective solution for enjoying Fire TV capabilities.

TCL Q7 Class TV

Reasons for Selection

While TCL’s top-tier QM8 Class of TVs might exceed the budget for this list, the lower-tier Q7 Class fits perfectly into the sweet spot, offering a 65-inch option for around $1,000. It boasts impressive performance with excellent contrast and color, although it falls short in brightness compared to TCL’s previous outstanding 6-Series TVs. However, it does offer more brightness than the Hisense U6K. Additionally, the Q7 Class is available in larger sizes, reaching up to 85 inches, whereas the Hisense tops out at 75 inches.

Ideal Audience

Although our top budget pick leans towards the Hisense U6K, the Q7 Class from TCL remains a solid choice offering excellent value. It’s a great option if you’re looking for a slight upgrade from the more affordable Hisense model but aren’t keen on investing in TVs with brightness exceeding 1,000 nits.

Vizio 50-Inch M-Series Quantum X TV

Reasons for Selection

The Vizio M50QXM-K01 stands out as one of the finest budget-friendly gaming TVs on the market, boasting features that set it apart from competitors like the Hisense U6K. Notably, it sports a 120Hz panel equipped with standard variable refresh rate (VRR) and AMD FreeSync Premium, ensuring smooth gameplay, complemented by impressively low input lag. Its color spectrum is remarkably wide, although this can occasionally result in oversaturation if left unadjusted. Additionally, it utilizes Vizio’s SmartCast platform, providing compatibility with both Apple AirPlay and Google Cast. Its primary drawback lies in its contrast; with relatively dim output and modest black levels, it may not excel in darker viewing environments.

Ideal Audience

Targeted towards budget-conscious gamers seeking a sizable monitor or a mid-sized TV, the Vizio M50QXM-K01 offers a compelling option. While 50 inches may not be as expansive as the more common 55- and 65-inch sizes, it still provides ample screen real estate. The standout feature of the M50QXM-K01 is its gaming capabilities; 120Hz panels are a rarity in budget TVs, and the inclusion of both VRR and FreeSync Premium enhances the gaming experience. The wide color range, despite occasionally resulting in washed-out black levels, can offer a competitive edge in gaming by making enemies in shadows more discernible compared to displays with completely accurate but darker blacks.

Amazon Fire TV 2-Series (40-Inch)

Reasons for Selection

While 4K resolution is often considered the standard for TVs, its importance diminishes on smaller screens compared to larger ones. Take, for instance, the 40-inch Amazon Fire TV 2-Series, which offers a resolution of 1080p. Despite not being 4K, its display remains crisp and vibrant. Moreover, its affordability sets it apart, costing significantly less than other models on this list. However, there are trade-offs; it’s the dimmest among the selection and lacks hands-free Alexa functionality found in the Fire TV Omni QLED.

Ideal Audience

If you’re in need of a budget-friendly TV and aiming to minimize expenses, the Amazon Fire TV 2-Series warrants consideration. While we wouldn’t recommend it as the primary TV for your household, it serves admirably as a cost-effective option for secondary spaces like a garage or spare room, where a basic screen suffices.

In wrapping up, if you’re on the hunt for budget-friendly TV options in 2024, look no further. Our roundup features the best picks for inexpensive televisions under $1,000, ensuring you get the most bang for your buck. Whether you’re after cheap TVs, affordable television models, or budget-friendly options, we’ve got you covered with our top recommendations. Don’t miss out on these fantastic deals for budget TVs in 2024!


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