Safety Features On Your Phone, You Should set up Right Now

Phone features that are made for your safety!

iOS and Android both have integrated features that offer safety of their users. If you have
an Android or iOS based phone both will have more or less the same features, for example the Emergency mode that helps when you are in danger.

Here a are few of the features you should consider setting up on your phone.

SOS Mode or Emergency

iOS will call your emergency contact in danger situation. This feature, can be initiated any time by pressing
the keys you set up, mostly people set it on volume and side button. To start the Emergency SOS feature, click the side button five times. This will start the emergency SOS slider on the screen, and will also play a warning signal and will begin a countdown. You can skip the countdown by dragging the Emergency SOS slider. After the countdown is ended, Your phone will connect you will Emergency services, your location will be shared with your emergency contacts.

Android also has featured similar with this. On your Android phone, open the setting app. Emergency SOS. Turn Use Emergency SOS on.

Do Not Disturb while driving

In this mode, you can ask Siri the AI from Apple to read messages for you, also as you can only receive Incoming calls if your mobile is connected to a Bluetooth hands-free. To access this feature, you can visit Settings, or it can turn on automatically by detecting the phone motion. The main purpose of this feather is to let drivers stay focused.

Android phones also have the same feature, allowing you to focus and get things done, by turning the phone to silent mode, You can say it’s not made entirely for only diving focus, but this will definitely help you to take break from your mobile use when you want to focus on some important task.

Find my Phone

This feature is amazing for people who often forget their phone. You can set up this feature, and it will share live location of your device with your family and friends. With this, you can track your phone through any iOS Device Phone Watch or AirPods. You can even prompt your phone to right or display it location, if the phone is turned off, it can display the last location of the phone before it was turned off.

This feature is also on Android phones, but this will work if connected with Google account and have internet connection. Also, the Google Play Visibility need to be turned on, app that support this feature also need to be present on your phone.






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