Start Windows in Safe Mode with Network

How to start Windows in Safe Mode with Networking (internet)?


Starting your System in Safe Mode with Networking support will load only the
basic drivers and services, This will improve the speed and also will
limit malware (viruses) on your system. Booting system in Save Mode can help you
solve the problems related to Software,Malware/Spyware, Virouse.

Windows 10 in Safe Mode

Follow below instruction to start your Windows 10 pc into Safe Mode with Networking Support:

1. Press the Window Key from the keyboard, or click the Start button.

2. Then Click Power button in the menu.

3. Hold Shift key on keyboard and click Restart.

4. After Window Restart, you will see few options

  •  Troubleshoot
  • Advance Options
  • Startup Settings

5. Click Restart

6. After Rebooting, System will show you more options

7. Select Safe Mod with Networking and press Enter






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