Nobel Prize awarded for mRNA COVID-19 vaccine breakthrough

Professor Drew Weissman (Left) and Professor Katalin Kariko (Right) Two scientists, responsible for the mRNA COVID-19 vaccine technology, have been honored with the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine. Professors Katalin Kariko and Drew Weissman will jointly receive the prize. The technology, initially experimental, has since been administered to millions worldwide to safeguard against severe […]


Nobel Prize for Quantum Dots!

Three scientists have been honored with the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for their pioneering contributions to the development of quantum dots. These minuscule crystals, commonly found in television displays, generate vibrant colors using nano particles. Quantum dots also find applications in medical imaging, assisting surgeons, enhancing cancer drug precision, and improving solar panels. Moungi G.

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PayPal Slashes 2,000 Jobs Amid Weakening Global Economy.

PayPal is reducing its workforce by 7%, or 2,000 employees, as it joins other major tech companies in cutting costs. The decision was made due to the current economic environment, according to the online payment company. Other tech giants such as Amazon, Alphabet, and Microsoft have also recently announced significant job cuts. In a statement,

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